Photography by Luc Germain


With this web site, I would like to share with you two of my passions : bird photography and astrophotography.


M31In 2001, I received as a gift a very nice introductory book about astronomy... I was immediatly hooked! Three month later, I was the proud owner of a telescope and was spending most clear nights exploring the universe. But from the start, my goal was to do astrophotography. I always liked to do photography, and now the sky was a whole new source of inspiration, and astrophotography was a whole new field of techniques to master. So I started to capture distant photons with much enthousiasm, first on film, and very soon with digital cameras. You are invited to explore with me a part of this great universe by visiting the section of this web site dedicated to astrophotography.

Bird photography

Red-winged BlackbirdBeing a nature lover, I started to use some of my astronomy gear during the day to observe and take pictures of birds. My interest in bird photography grew rapidly, and soon, I acquired more specialized equipments for this activity. Since summer 2004, bird photography has really become a true passion!

I like avian photography first because birds are so fascinating and photogenic. I also love the challenge to find new spots, wait for the good timing or the good lighting that will optimize the beauty of the subject. To get a nice photograph of a bird is a very satisfying moment! I'd like to invite you to share some of those moments by taking a look at my collection of photographs in the section about bird photography.

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Luc Germain
Sherbrooke, Quebec.